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bpm_package used in callAcitivity subprocess

Question asked by stondini on Apr 19, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2014 by stondini

I'm developing a process that uses a package (bpm_package) and then calls a sub process (callActivity element) passing the same package reference like this :

<callActivity id="incomingClientDocument" name="Client Task" calledElement="IncomingClientDocument">
            <activiti:in source="initiator" target="initiator"></activiti:in>
            <activiti:in source="bpm_package" target="bpm_package"></activiti:in>
            <activiti:in source="bpm_workflowDescription" target="bpm_workflowDescription"></activiti:in>
            <activiti:in source="bpm_workflowDueDate" target="bpm_workflowDueDate"></activiti:in>

According to my understanding, <em>callActivity</em> creates a new independent workflow (instance) but in this case, the package is shared between the both instances. Right ?

Then under Alfresco (4.2.e), I try to get the workflows of an item of the package and the system returns only the initial workflow but not the subprocess.

I don't know if this issue is related to Activiti Engine or to Alfresco…

Do you have some advices ?
How could I duplicate a package to use it in a subprocess ?

Thank you.