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Observed Issue with Multiple End Events

Question asked by ryanj1 on Apr 22, 2014
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by trademak
I've observed what appears to be an issue with multiple End Events within certain Activiti process model designs (using version 5.15). Since it doesn't appear that I can upload images, I'll try to describe them using text below:

Start Event–AND–User Task 1–Script Task 1–End Event 1
                           –User Task 2–Script Task 2–End Event 2

In the above case, when the process instance has completed, the "ACT_RU_EXECUTION" table shows "Script Task 2" (or the last Script Task to finish) as active, even though the diagram shows that both End Events have been reached. For this reason, the process instance itself shows up as active and never completes.

Start Event–AND–User Task 1–Script Task 1–AND–End Event 1
                           –User Taks 2–Script Task 2–

In the above case, the process instance completes as desired.

I've seen comments that multiple End Events are in fact supported, though the observed behavior in this case indicates that either I'm misunderstanding the extent of the support for multiple End Events or that there is a bug in the support thereof.

Thanks in advance for your help.