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Dynamic Task creation for a specific process defination

Question asked by rupeshmukherjee on Apr 22, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2014 by jbarrez
Hi ,
I am new to this forum. I am using Activiti for my workflow design for a project.

We have a special requirement ,that says, I need to create a dynamic task and assign it to a specific process defination. This flow will not be part of the BPMN process diagram, but in special cases in my business process I should be able to create a task and link it to an existing process defination.

For Example:

I have a process defination names - MyProcess
I have three user task which says : TASK A > TASK B >TASK C>TASK D>TASK E ( on completion of one task the next task will get created)
and say, this has been depicted in my process diagram also.

What I need: -
I want to create TASK C DIRECTLY AND link it to MyProcess and once I link TASK C with MyProcess, it will follow the process diagram from there..

What I dis:-
I have created a task using TaskService API , but can 't link it to my process defination(MyProcess) as there are no API available for that with Activiti 5.13 version.

I googled and found out in some forum that there is no such API that has been provided by Activiti for now, and If I want to achieve what I want, I have to write custom API which will insert or update all the activiti tables(the way those tables get updated while creating activiti task through process diagram) manually….but it seems a tedious job and I feel a brute force way to come to a solution.

My question to you is , is there any other way or any utility package which can solve this problem.Or if it needs a custom API, can you please guide me how I should go forward with the implementation…