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Worklow Process Dashboard

Question asked by turisto on Apr 25, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by turisto
Hi all,
would anybody need (or would like to participate in development of) advanced process monitoring and search tool with such features for activiti?

Search page
It is possible to search processes by several criterias:
-business key;
-process instance status (running, completed, aborted/terminated);

Process instance details
- related processes by business key;
- sub processes;
- process variables;
- process timers;
- running tasks, completed tasks, aborted/terminated tasks;

Process instance management
- Modify timers;
- Retry jobs;

Additional features
- Integrating with different remote process engines;
- Identifying bottlenecks (long running service tasks);
- Monitor JMS queues;
- Custom security;

Technical environment
- Java 8
- Java EE 7
- Wildfly 8
- Resteasy
- Wicket or Primefaces

Best regards,