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Dynamic REST Endpoints

Question asked by thensgens on Apr 27, 2014
Latest reply on May 5, 2014 by thensgens

what I'd like add to Activiti are 'dynamic REST endpoints' within a process engine's life-time.
Let me elaborate on that topic first:

I want to add new elements to the set of 'Activiti BPMN symbols'. That itself is not a huge problem since the editor provides this feature pretty much ootb.
Now, if the engine executed/parsed such an extended diagram (and its new symbols), I'd like to add new endpoints dynamically which could then be consumed by REST clients.
So, for instance, after parsing a certain symbol, the endpoint 'http://localhost:8192/activiti/services/cars' should be available.

Currently Activiti provides a (static) REST API for querying deployments/diagrams etc. and provides a stand-alone module for deployment: activiti-rest.
However, I cannot really use that one since it's not in the same context as e.g. the activiti-explorer.
One would have to add the endpoint *after* a certain diagram is parsed, and I don't see how that could be achieved while the two are segregated.
According to Tomcat's documentation there's 'cross-context dispatching', but 'm not really sure if that's feasible in this context.

What would be a reasonable approach in this scenario? Maybe creating a new (activiti) module and sharing its code in the depending project (e.g. activiti-explorer) would be a good solution. Even though I'm not sure how I could hold an instance of that server/restlet since it'll be instanced by the servlet-container (after startup), but I'd have to have an instance because I need to create new endpoints dynamically.

Thanks in advance.