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Activiti Explorers Demo Users

Question asked by benprequel on Apr 28, 2014
Hi community,

I am a newbie to activiti. I have started following Activiti in aciton. I recently downloaded activiti framework. I have successfully deployed activiti explorer application into my tomcat. Currently, i am using activiti in action examples from chapter-1. Point is that, i am using in memory database and running test cases. I can't see the queued processes in the tomcat-explorer if i create some task for kermit from a test case. I thought may be if i define table structure in oracle database and make my explorer point to my own database and even configure the test cases to use same db connection, i would be able to see the sample processes. Point is that, when i have run the script bundled in activiti, it installs the table structure but no demo data present. How can i populate my database with demo users? Please help.