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Boundary Event on SubProcess Not Firing

Question asked by puja on May 5, 2014
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Please provide answers for below queries -

1. I have a sub process named "Document Approval Sub Process" with activities (Start -> Approve LC Docs User Task -> Collect Approval Status -> End). Timer event is attached to this sub process and the same is not getting fired. Please let me know what's going wrong.

2. After specified time, approval process is to be escalated to escalation group (have another sub process to handle escalation "Escalation - Document Approval Sub Process" with activities (Start -> Escalation - Approve LC Docs User Task -> Escalation - Collect Approval Status -> End)). Is it possible not to cancel first sub process and both sub process remain active in case timer reached specified time? Also if any user (using user task from first sub process) or any user (using user task from escalation sub process) approves or rejects, the process can be completed successfully.

3. Also not able to design the process flow using Activiti Explorer as getting Null Pointer Exception when using timer boundary event. We need to show process diagram with current status being highlighted. The same was able to do till the time timer event was not introduced in process flow. But with timer event, how to decide co-ordinates for respective BPMNDI elements.

Uploaded BPM Process File and Activiti-Config XML files.