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Set task level variables without writing code.

Question asked by ssun on May 8, 2014
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by ssun
In my workflow, I have user tasks with form variables. When user try to complete a task, they have to enter the values to complete the task. After that the variables becomes variables of the process.

In my workflow, I have call activity that start sub process. I have input and out put parameters. Input becomes the process variable of the sub process when sub process starts. Output becomes the process variable of parent process when the sub process ends.

These are built in and so easy to use. Thanks guys!

But when I create multiple parallel tasks in on process, I cannot figure out how to have task level variables/results. For example, I have a task to create order to cover demand. After created, I use a inclusive gateway, one flow is for the created purchase order to go to wait for fulfill status, another flow is if the demand is not completely covered, it goes back to create order to create more. But after the user created another order, they enter the second order id to complete the task, I lost the order id for the first order because the form property "orderId" is process level variable.

I wonder how I can have the form value user put saved to task level variable. Or how can I have the "wait for fulfill" task copy down the "orderId" from the process level to the task level so when user create another order, the new order id does not overwrite it.

Thank you very much!