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CallActiviti with tenant Id

Question asked by nik10.mah on May 19, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2014 by jbarrez

I have deployed a two processes one is MP and  other is AP where MP calls AP using Call Activiti element. And both processes have been deployed with tenantId. Now when i try to start activiti MP process and when the call Activiti element encountered in this process it given ActivitiObjectNotFoundException from AP process. Although i have deployed both the definitions simultaneously.

One i thing i have also noted that for a definition deployed using tenant id one has to pass the tenantId to start the definition otehrwise it will throw the activitiObjectnotfound exception. So it seems like whne using callActiviti attribute in bpmn file it is calling another activiti without tenant id that why it is giving ActivitiObjectNotFound exception. So possibly we might have to pass the tenantId somewher with callActiviti element of bpmn. PLease let me know if i m worng and guide me in right direction. I also tried with passing a tenentId as processVariable while starting MP(which call AP) but it still doesn't worked during CallActiviti.