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Managing multiple instances

Question asked by chrispg on May 16, 2014
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by zlatan316
Hello All,

I'm using Activiti to run multiple instances of a process at the same time all of which start at 12am, once per week. Each process will start by reading a configuration file and then executing some java classes that send out emails based on the config inputs.

The problem we are facing is that at 12 am, the activity server crashes. We cant login to activity and none of our flows run.

When we check catalina.out, we can see that around 9/18 of our config files have actually been read.

Our solution so far is to manually reinstall the database and recreate our user groups and then redeploy our work flow instances.

We think the issue is that Activiti cant take that many instances starting at the same time and it crashes. We can run it successfully for 7 instances.

Any ideas on how activity manages instances and how to find out what its maximum load is?

Thanks for your advice.