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Question asked by lambav on May 19, 2014
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by trademak
Hi There

I want to use activiti-rest.  I have created a simple process. in which flow is like
UI - our rest - activiti-rest

I use to invoke activiti -rest method from our code to perform any task.

Now I want to change to flow and to directly call the activiti-rest methods from UI and then activiti- rest call project-rest project for different things as per workflow. activiti-rest will be responsible for everything. to get data from different rest-services and do the required task.

to do this- we need to write a java class that will implement JavaDelegate through which we can call our rest services.
I do not want to write a code in activit-rest project and want to put that as a jar.

1. Can you please help me by telling do i need to create a project in which I will have activiti-engine as depenedency because JavaDelegate lies in this project. And then to bundle this project as jar and put it in tomcat/libs ?

2. Our rest has a sso filter . How can I create a ssofilter before activiti-rest and then call our rest from that. ?

Is this the right approach ?