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Parallel Gateway stuck on Join

Question asked by nsaputro on May 20, 2014
Latest reply on May 21, 2014 by jbarrez
Hi All,

I have a problem where process is stuck in  parallel gateway join step waiting execution (task) that is already cancelled by boundary timer

      [+] Parallel fork
   /    |   \
T1   T2    T3 (T3 has a boundary timer that executes a service task when it is due)
   \    |    /
      [+] Parallel join  –> stuck here


The problem is the reminder boundary timer "Cancel Activity" was set to true so when it is due the T3 task is cancelled/deleted and the process is stuck in join state.

I have fixed the definition by set "Cancel Activity" to false but there are several processes running in production that are stuck on Join step.

Is there any workaround to at least continue the running processes ?

Thank you,