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Not Able To Design Process

Question asked by ajaz on May 21, 2014
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by jbarrez
This Activiti treasure is indeed a treasure. Thank you all who have developed it. I have an issue that I am not able to design or address.

<strong>Process Description:</strong>

A process starts with a user task called <strong>Recipient</strong>. This user task (Recipient) can take the following actions (user tasks) in any combination or no combination:

1.   <strong>ResponseMeBack</strong> (user task): This user task, after doing its work, will respond back to the sender who sought response.

2.   <strong>Assignment</strong> (user task): This user task is assigned to a user who in return can take 3 actions (user tasks) – <strong>ResponseMeBack</strong>, <strong>Assignment</strong> and <strong>ForYourInfo</strong> in any combination or no combination.

3.   <strong>ForYourInfo</strong> (user task): This user task is just information informing the user. It does not do anything further.

I am not able to design the process with the available gateways. Would anyone assist?