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Current Activiti Engine does not support Multiple ServiceTask concurrency orchestration, can not use Activiti in some scenario

Question asked by on May 28, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2014 by smirzai
I am implementing a scenario that is all the tasks are ServiceTask.
For example, we are going to upgrading a group of servers, there are three types of servers, nginx, web and database servers, we find activiti's workflow engine can help with it, such as when upgrade servers, we need to control first upgrade nginx servers, after all nginx server upgraded, then upgrade web servers,

This scenario match the activiti workflow engine, but after try and google, we found that have to integrate camel to achieve this.

We can not use camel, it is because the BPMN model is required to generated automatically, we can not write the camel required code dynamicly, so have to give up to use Activiti, seems the fork and join to control the concurrency and join is not that complicated, hope Activiti can support this Scenario that:
1. BMPN dynamic model
2. all tasks are ServiceTasks
3. requires orchestration Service Tasks' Fork and Join.

Hope Activiti Team can implement this, although I implemented a simple workflow engine for this already in hours, but still wish to integrate Activiti.