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Once task is completed at first level it is moving to next level, but not getting assigned.

Question asked by shivnarayanvarma on Jun 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2014 by shivnarayanvarma
Dear Developers,

I use below semantics i.e activiti:candidateUsers which calls java method to get potential list of assignees


My workflow is as follows:

reviewInvoice –> verifyInvoice –> ApproveInvoice

Step 1:

New row is added to our DB which initiate a workflow using spring intergation and a  new task workflow is created in activiti engine.

Task is assigned to poetntial users for task level "reviewInvoice"

Lets say findUserService.findUsersByTaskLevel(execution,'reviewInvoice') returns 3 users

1. Tim
2. Zen
3. Shiv

Now when I login with user shiv, I can see task assigned to his "Shiv"'s name.

Step 2.

User Shiv completes the task using below method

Now I expect task to move to next level. and it is working.
After task completion , I have queried ACT_RU_EXECUTION table and its ACT_ID_ column shows next task level name for task. Not sure if this is correct way to verify,

Now next level is verifyInvoice.
Here I use same technique of assigning user using activiti:candidateUsers="${findUserService.findUsersByTaskLevel(execution,'verifyInvoice')}".

lets say poential users for verifyInvoice returns 3 users

1. ted
2. Zim
3. Yen

Now when ted logins he should see this task as pending task item for him. but thats not happening.

So after task is completed at first level it is moving to next level, but not getting assigned.

Please help. Any inputs are most welcome.