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muliti domain activiti implementations

Question asked by dva-developer on Jun 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2014 by dva-developer
I would appreciate any comments regarding this potential activiti implementation. 

I am developing a Spring MVC SOA application supporting an Insurance Company to process claims.  The core application and all SOA support applications that support the core application are all owned by the same corporation but they exist in completely separate and distinct domains. Communication between the applications are via web services.

The core application is where the claim is developed and it is also where workflow state is monitored, similar to Activiti Explorer. The
support applications manage there workflow with activiti as well.

Our intent is have all of these applications share the same activiti database.

There are process touch points between the applications.  For example the core application establishes a claim and processes it for
validity, etc.  Another service will accept the claim and provide a claim value.  During it's process it may determine the claim needs to
be reworked, which would be a task for the core application.

Can touch points, which might be userTasks created from a servicetask, within one application be captured from the other application. For
example, a userTask to rework a claim could be viewed from the core application since it can see the database.

Not sure of all the architectural implications of this scenario. Not even sure if it can be done.  I hope this is not too confusing and is appropriate for this form. I would appreciate any comments, recommendations or a resource I can view that specifically covers this type of implementation.

Thank you.