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Cannot log in after the engine ran for a few days.

Question asked by ssun on Jun 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2014 by ssun
After our engine ran for a few days, we accumulate about 8000 running process instances. Most of them have timers running on them.
Our program mostly interacts with the engine through REST API, which is working as usual.
But the problem is as an admin, I can no longer login through the explorer UI.
I can open the login page with no problem, but after type in username and password and press login, it will stuck there forever.
There is nothing from the apache log.
If I clone our production database and put it on my local testing environment, I can re-produce the problem.
If I start to close those running processes, after I closed certain amount of them, the problem goes away. I do not have to close everything, just some of therm, I do not think which particular ones that I close or not matters.
This is very strange. I wish someone who is more familiar with the code can shed some light.
We rely on the explorer to deploy new workflow definitions. We can use the REST API but we are not there yet.

Any help is greatly appreciated!