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RuntimeService query for long running service, stuck in service task.

Question asked by bardioc on Jun 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2014 by jbarrez

I've come across a special issue, where our application needs to know, whether a process for a certain business key has already been started. However, this process includes a heavy service thats at the beginning that blocks the process to read certain data from web services.

The process itself is started by a queue message and it is mandatory, that for a given business key only a single process instance is running. However, a query like

runtimeService.createProcessInstanceQuery() ….

does not find the running process until it has reached at least one transaction border (e.g. a manual task, an asynchronous task, or others) and because it may still be stuck in the long running service task, nothing is found.

Is there a way to determine, whether the activity engine is currently working running a process instance without the necessary commit into the database?

We handled this situation by setting async="true" for the long running service task, however, we actually would like to stay synchronous at that time to handle errors more conveniently in case the web service calls fail due to network issues.

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