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Updating Task Variables in bulk through REST API?

Question asked by jordan.blair on Jun 16, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2015 by anjan
Through the REST API I can create task variables in bulk, but it appears updating task variables in bulk is not supported using a put/patch to /runtime/tasks/{id}/variables.  If you wanted to update variables you have to do it for a single variable instance.  I just wanted to confirm that there is not a "undocumented" capability to perform task variable updates in bulk.

We have thought about the option of using the delete all Task Variables… and then posting them all back… which reduces increases our overall performance because we are only making to calls to the REST API.  That works, but does have a few negative consequences in my mind such as creating a (small) window where a user task search could return zero results because it happened within the time of the delete all/create transaction…

Does anyone else have any ideas on how we could avoid iterating over the variables for a single task an performing singular task variable update operations… 

Thanks in advance,