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How to cascade delete process instance using REST API?

Question asked by ssun on Jun 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2014 by ssun
The question was asked here
But no real answer.

For my case, what I have is:
A parent workflow has a call activity task.
The call activity task calls a child workflow.
After the child workflow is called, I can see 2 process instances. One for parent workflow, one for child workflow. I see only one task, which is the child workflow task. I cannot see the parent "call activity" task. That makes sense since that task is to call child workflow and it has successfully called it and finished.

Now, I need to delete the child process because I made a mistake. After I delete it, I see only one process instance for the parent process now. But it is like a ghost. It has no task and cannot be complete.

Is there a way to also delete the parent process instance when I delete the child?

Thank you very much!