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BPMN Token seems to get lost using ParallelGateway and Lanes

Question asked by empulse.guse on Jul 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2014 by empulse.guse
Hi Forum,

I'm quite new to Activiti, so please forgive me stupid and many times asked questions.

used Activiti version: 5.15.1
used Java version: 1.7

Currently I'm trying to implement my very first own workflow and have some problems in getting it running.
The workflow is not too complicated, a MainOption is required by a member of the Sales team, Management and Engineering team must approve the MainOption in parallel and after that the MainOption must be approved by the Marketing team until it is created. You can find the .bpmn file in the attachment.

The process can be started without any problem in Activiti Explorer and in a JUnit testcase. The task is correctly assigned to the initiator. But after the initiator finished his task the task is gone - expected is the task is split and assigned to the Management and Engineering group.
This behavior is consistent in Activiti Explorer and the JUnit testcase.

I had an intense look at the running examples delivered by Activiti and the only difference I could find was I use a Pool and several Lanes which are missing in the examples.

Any ideas?