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Web service wrapper on Activiti

Question asked by hardik.thakkar1 on Jul 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2014 by jbarrez
Hello there,

We have decided to use Activiti as workflow tool in our new project. Application is in design phase right now. I need some things to clarify here.

1) We have decided to develop our own Wrapper (REST-Web service) which would give users customize operations. Is this feasible to write our own activiti-rest module? If yes, then what are the things need to take care of?
We thought this will give us better control on functions as this is being used my multiple systems.

2) What are the limitations of activiti-rest?

3) As said, activiti is being used by multiple systems, is there anything in activiti which could distinct system workflows? How to manage hierarchies ?

4) We are thinking that if we will use activiti-rest then we are giving users complete control of system? Is there any way to overcome or restrict it?

Awaiting for your suggestions. Have a great time ahead!! Cheers!!