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Deployment-IDs & undeploy

Question asked by dognose on Jul 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2014 by sahusunil

currently we are searching for a way to undeploy a process Definition and remove all references.
The DeploymentManager along with the RepositoryManager seems to be a good point to start.

- First get all deployed Processes of a certain key.
- Then get the deployment id based on the actual process keys (key:xxx:yyy)
- Then undeploy this deployment, using cascade=true.

The only question I could not figure out so far: Are deployment ids *exclusive* for a certain process,
or could 2 different process definitions be part of the same deployment id?

i.e. if i deploy - let's say process1 and process2 within the same (physical) deployment -
are they assigned to different deploymentIDs, or do they share the same?