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How to Name Sequence Flow and make them visible on generated diagram

Question asked by smadhu on Jul 28, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2014 by shar

         Iam stuck. I need help in naming SequenceFlows. When I use Eclipse Designer Iam able to name Sequence Flows and Also see them in the diagram inside the IDE.

But now the problem is, I have written a small program to generate BPM diagram using Activiti. It works perfectly, but in the generated diagram Iam unable to see the below set sequenceFlow name ( refer below to flow.setName()).  I also tried generating the corresponding BPMN
XML, Iam able to see the name inside the XML. But this is not visible in the generated PNG.  Can anybody help me out in this.

SequenceFlow flow = new SequenceFlow();
flow.setName("X > 10");