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Identity Service for Process Engine Only - No Explorer

Question asked by taruntyagi on Aug 3, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by edgarjoao

We intend to use Activiti within a J2EE Spring application. There will be user tasks and groups.
I have tried implementing custom user and group entity managers , but they never seem to be called when a user task is assigned or
when I query tasks for a user or group.

I suppose , the process engine is always able to figure out the users or groups related to a user task based on the process definition itself.
For example,

1) I set the candidate group of a user task in process definition
2) I query for all tasks for the group (No method from Identity service classes is triggered)
3) I claim the task for a user (Again no method called in Identity service classes)
4) I query all tasks for the user - The relevant task is returned (Again no method called in Identity service classes )

It seems to be the case that Identity Service classes are applicable only when users and groups are managed via Explorer.
My tests are in a JUNIT, using H2 database.

Can someone kindly confirm this assumption or understanding , or please provide an example scenario where Identity Service may be called when executing processes using Process Engine in embedded mode.

Thanks in Advance :)