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Activiti 5.16 REST api returning XML not JSON

Question asked by joeysr20det on Aug 7, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2014 by joeysr20det
I setup an Activiti 5.16 test environment a couple days ago; I deployed the activiti-explorer.war and activiti-rest.war to a Tomcat 7 instance. Everything appears to be up and running just fine without any errors. I'm attempting to use the REST api and i'm running into issues. I'm calling the management/engine service to get engine info with a basic auth header using kermit for the username and password, and I'm also including Content-Type application/json. Everything works, authentication completes, and I get a response with the name, version, etc… but it's in XML not JSON?

Is there some special switch I need to be using to get JSON or something I need no to do to avoid getting XML?

I'm using the Firefox RESTClient to call:

GET http://mouse:8084/activiti-rest/service/management/engine

using kermit as the username and password, with the Content-Type application/json.

Is there something I'm missing?