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Error while trying to start a deployed process instance through REST

Question asked by hemamalini on Aug 6, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2014 by hemamalini
I have deployed a workflow like vacation request . In the start , input are vacation start date and vacation end date. Once the instance is started , request will be in say Group A. They can approve the request till the vacation end date.If the vacation is approved with end date, process moves to other group for approval and if group B approves , process completes. If group A didnt approve ,then the instance ends. I used timer boundary event. i tested my workflow using Activiti explorer and using junit. Now i am trying to start the process instance via rest api . In my request , i have mentioned vacation start date and end date as "23-08-14". I am getting error as "couldnt resolve duedate:1". But i never mentioned any input variable as duedate ,also for timeduration in boundary event i used vacation end date using expression $vacationenddate.