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Problem with UUID creation: key and version cut off

Question asked by frauke on Aug 20, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2014 by frauke
Hi everybody,

we are using Activiti 5.11 and we activated the UUID generation for the process ID.
Now we detected the following problem in class BpmnDeployer in method deploy:
When the generated process id is longer than 64 characters, the key and version information is cut off.
This causes problems in our application.

        String nextId = idGenerator.getNextId();
        String processDefinitionId = processDefinition.getKey()
          + ":" + processDefinition.getVersion()
          + ":" + nextId; // ACT-505
        // ACT-115: maximum id length is 64 charcaters
        if (processDefinitionId.length() > 64) {         
          processDefinitionId = nextId;

Do you have a solution for this?
Or other question: Is the key and version info needed during process execution?

Best regards