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Activiti Designer Bugs with CallActivity Tasks

Question asked by rogernexus on Aug 21, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2014 by jbarrez
Hey there,

while customizing the Activiti Designer i found 2 Bugs on CallActivity Tasks. I don't know where i can report bugs of Activiti Designer, so move it to the right direction or tell me where/how i can.
The Target Expression column will never be saved, it should be saved or the column should be removed

In code you can find it here: org.activiti.bpmn.converter.CallActivityXMLConverter

    public void parseChildElement(XMLStreamReader xtr, BaseElement parentElement, BpmnModel model) throws Exception {
      String source = xtr.getAttributeValue(null, ATTRIBUTE_IOPARAMETER_SOURCE);
      String sourceExpression = xtr.getAttributeValue(null, ATTRIBUTE_IOPARAMETER_SOURCE_EXPRESSION);
      String target = xtr.getAttributeValue(null, ATTRIBUTE_IOPARAMETER_TARGET);
      if((StringUtils.isNotEmpty(source) || StringUtils.isNotEmpty(sourceExpression)) && StringUtils.isNotEmpty(target)) {
        IOParameter parameter = new IOParameter();
        if(StringUtils.isNotEmpty(sourceExpression)) {
        } else {
        ((CallActivity) parentElement).getInParameters().add(parameter);

The other one is a NullPointException everytime you try to paste a copied CallActivity.
In code you can find it here: /org.activiti.designer.gui/src/main/java/org/activiti/designer/util/CloneUtil

        if (element instanceof Activity && element instanceof UserTask == false) {
            List<ActivitiListener> resultListenerList = new ArrayList<ActivitiListener>();
            for (ActivitiListener listener : ((Activity ) element)
                    .getExecutionListeners()) {
            ((Activity) cloneElement)

the cloneElement is always null, there is something missing like
cloneElement = clone((Activity) element, diagram);

and a clone-Method for Activity-Type