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Thread safety of signalEventReceived vs signalEventReceivedAsync

Question asked by michalwrobel on Sep 1, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2014 by trademak
Shortly speaking :

I need functionality of RuntimeService signalEventReceived(String executionId, Map<String,Object> processVariables) in the asynchronous manner. I wanted to go towards signalEventReceivedAsync, but they don't have a form with setting process variables.

For the sake of experimenting I put every synchronous signalEventReceived call into a new thread but I feel something can go wrong with this attitude.

1. Are signalEventReceived methods thread safe, or everything will everything break eventually?
2. Why there is no version signalEventReceivedAsync supporting setting process variables?
Is it only because of no guarantee of not suppressing these variable values by other calls to signalEventReceivedAsync?
Would it be hard to implement async version of signalEventReceived supporting process variables?
Is sequence of delivering signals called using Async method unchanged or is it random?