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Generate Vaadin forms

Question asked by karim199260 on Sep 3, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2014 by sudheer.polavarapu
1-Can I generate Vaadin forms (or simply Java beans or even html) directly from a process definition (a .bpmn20.xml or .bpmn file created using the Activiti designer plugin in Eclipse or the Activiti designer and where form properties were precised ) without coding it myself (using the Activiti source code for example)? ->by exploiting extensionElements,activiti:formProperty, activiti:value… tags.

2-And if so, is it possible to have forms changing automatically when the process definition (form properties) change?

3-Can I use the Activiti Explorer as a base of a production application and changing the code of the Activiti Explorer so that it meets my needs
(When I import the activiti-explorer war file in Eclipse I don't find any java file to modify) ( ?