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Clairty on Asyc usage in task level

Question asked by on Sep 4, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2014 by jbarrez

I have a processes,  as below mentioned

Process A:

Process B:

NOTE : None of the task or process has Async set as true

in Process A: user takes a decision and then servicetask1 will make a DB entry of the ID and case will wait in ReceiveTask.
Process B : is initiated every 5 min. The service task will check DB table and fetch records of all processes to which singal has to be sent.


Many cases have been triggered for ProcessA and each case has set specific time beyond which they have to be wokenup (or to be signaled). Process B is activated every 5 min and it is doing it's job. What we have noticed is, there were few cases of ProcessA which were successfully notified (signal sent) and the case has moved to ServiceTask2 and then to UserTask2. But due to some exception the transaction has rolledback.


1. ServiceTask of ProcessB might be sending signal to multiple process instances of ProcessA sequentially. If it fails to send signal to even a single instance, will earlier action of successfully sent signals to other instances be rolled back?

2. Also Would like to know how is transaction maintained in above stated scenario

Your help will be much appreciated.