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Issue related to working of call activity event

Question asked by pratikbeedkar on Sep 10, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2014 by jbarrez

I came across weird behavior while using call activity event.

Scenario: I have two BPMN processes A and B. Process A has two objects - call activity followed by email task, process B has user task followed by script task (script task just prints "hello"). I am calling process B using call activity event of process A. While doing so, control passes over to process B, but when trying to complete user task, I am getting some error (which is related to execution of script task).

I tried placing user task before and after script task in process B, I also tried keeping only script task in process B. But no change in result.

I suspect the issue is related to inclusion of script task to the process which is being called using call activity event.

Question - Can't we have script task in a process which is being called from some other process using call activity event?

I am using workflow engine of OpenIDM ( which supports activiti, to execute these processes. Please find attached openIDM error logs which I am getting while executing above mentioned scenario.

Could it be a bug in OpenIDM? any thoughts on this?

Any reply is highly appreciated.