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Insert Variables per SQL in ACT_RU_VARIABLE

Question asked by cyr1 on Sep 17, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2014 by cyr1
We had to change the handling of the tasks in our application.
Now i have old tasks which don't have a certain variable in the execution and would therefore be lost for the current assignee.

i wonder now if i can add variables in the exectution when i just add them per SQL in ACT_RU_VARIABLE like:

INSERT INTO ACT_RU_VARIABLE (ID_, REV_,TYPE_, NAME_,EXECUTION_ID_, PROC_INST_ID_, TEXT_) VALUES ('1','1','string', 'varName', 1234, 1234, 'varValue')

The values for EXECUTION_ID_ and PROC_INST_ID_ are not the problem. I can take them from ACT_RU_TASK.
But what is whit the ID_?
Can i just use MAX(ID_) +1? or will this mess up other processes?