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Need information about Activiti

Question asked by horvathg on Sep 17, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2014 by horvathg
Dear Activiti developers/users!

I have been assigned with the task to acquire information about Activiti.
What I really need to know is the following:
- The use cases of this product (with simple example if possible)
- Advantages/Disadvantages
- How big does a project need to be (how many developers for example) to use this product? For example, if we only have 10 developers with 5 Consultant to keep contact with the users that we are making our products for, is that enough, or is this made for bigger enterprises?
If you could provide an example, like project size (by money or developers, or users for the product) that would be greatly appreciated.

The more information I get the better report I make for my boss, so please don't make it short, if thats possible. :)

Thanks in advance,