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Plugin for storing user passwords as hash

Question asked by lmazgon on Sep 22, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by lmazgon
Hello fellow activiti developers!

I'm developing an application in which activiti plays a crucial part (it is like activiti-explorer with customizations). Obviously I wanted to delegate as much as I could to activiti, but the identity service was a no-go because it saves passwords of users as plain text. I decided to make a small addition to activiti and figured that other developers maybe had the same problems, so I made it publicly available on GitHub. The plugin saves passwords as a hash with salt and doesn't require any other changes in the application. Logging in and changing passwords work.

So my humble plugin is located here:

All instalation details are described on GitHub. One thing that I should say is, that the code is written in Java 8 (using streams), but if someone has the need I could modify it to Java 7 as well.

Have a nice day,