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mail task error

Question asked by elzhanms on Sep 24, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by elzhanms

I am new in Activiti
I have some problems with mail tasks.

Computer configuration:
- win7 x64,
- jdk 1.8.0_11
- tomcat 7.0.55
- activiti 5.16

I attached:
- "activiti-standalone-context.xml" with mailServer configurations in processEngineConfiguration bean
- my sample bpmn process "simple-email-notification.bpmn20.xml"
- log-file of the tomcat window with the error message after I tried to start my process with email task

I have already checked smtp-server ( it is not local server) with telnet and I could setup connection with it. Ports 25 and 587 open, port 465 don't work correctly. But I couldn't send email by telnet. It gives me error 500 and 550, when I write "rcpt to:".

What could be the problem?
Should I do other things (install local mail server independent from tomcat) to be able to send email tasks?