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Using Activiti Engine in my Web Application

Question asked by on Oct 2, 2014
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I'm new to activiti and I really need help.

I have a python/django web app, and I want to use activiti engine in it.

According to the official book (activiti in action) I understand that there are two ways to connect the two.
Through REST API, or the one I'm trying to use, embedding activiti engine in a java application. Which for what I understand, I would only have to put the jars and it's dependencies in my web application. I'm I right here? If I use it as embedding I do not need REST API?

My biggest doubt comes now. How do I make my web application ready to receive the .bar file that I deploy through eclipse?
Is pyactiviti (Python library which wraps Activiti BPMN2.0 Engine API) anywhere near what I need?

I'm really lost here, and any help would be appreciated.

Mónica Casanova