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DelegateExpression not resolving

Question asked by billdoor on Oct 3, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2014 by billdoor

before i get into a legthy explanation of my setup and problem, i made a jpeg that pretty much says it all. (Project-tree, files and error-log message).
cdR8Rest has a project dependency to cdR8 Processes with compile-time scope (gradle managed).

I want to use EJB or CDI-Bean to be called by activiti:delegateExpression, but it does not work.
I tested if the beans are present in the context of the application, they are. Its just activiti that does not want to find them.

I am not all to familliar with CDI, EJB, WIldfly and the least with activities core, to i thought before i spend another 4 hours fidling around with what i think probably has a trivial solution, i thought i#d leave this question here for the weekend :).

Thanks for any help in advance,