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unable to iterate through all results of query on historic-process-instances using 'includeProcessVariables'

Question asked by nicolasfranck on Oct 4, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2014 by trademak
I'm using activiti-rest (version 5.15.1).

This was my plan:
  1. do a query on the historic process-instances


  2. iterate through ALL the results, by increasing the parameter start by 100 (size is already 100)

But this has some strange results. See the results below:

INPUT parameters        |   result

start=0,size=100         |  total is 1152, size is 100
start=100,size=100     |  total is 1152, size is 100
start=200,size=100     |  total is 1152, size is 44
start=300,size=100     |  total is 1152, size is 0
start=400,size=100     |  total is 1152, size is 0

You see what's happening? In the third step, size becomes "44", and afterwards "0",
even though "total" suggests otherwise.

When "includeProcessVariables" is set to false, all works as expected.

The same behaviour appears in the endpoint for runtime process instances

Any idea what's happening here? Some kind of SQL join that fails (I'm just guessing).