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Connecting Explorer to an Oracle Schema

Question asked by powerspace on Oct 9, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2014 by jbarrez
Hello All,

I am having trouble connecting my Activiti explorer to a oracle child user/schema.

In oracle, you can create a parent schema and then create child schemas as follows:

    —- PSchema_schema1
    —- PSchema_schema2
    —- PSchema_schema3

Where ParentSchema has all (read,write) privileges over PSchema_schema1, PSchema_schema2, PSchema_schema3

An example would be,

    —- GlobalSchema_Env1Schema
    —- GlobalSchema_Env2Schema

GlobalSchema_Env1Schema has its own set of Activiti tables & data. GlobalSchema_Env2Schema has its own set of Activiti tables and schema.

For my Activiti Engine configuration, in my current application, I simply connect with global schema username then execute "ALTER SESSION SET CURRENT_SCHEMA=GlobalSchema_Env1Schema" etc.

However, with Activiti-Explorer, the only option for me to connect to another db is by changing file. I changed my file as follows:


How do I connect to the child schema GlobalSchema_Env1Schema or GlobalSchema_Env2Schema ?

Is there anyway I can change schema or run something like "ALTER SESSION SET CURRENT_SCHEMA=GlobalSchema_Env1Schema".

Remember that each environment or child schema is suppose to have its own set of activiti tables.

Thanks in advance !