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NPE when trying to signal Receive Task

Question asked by daveychu on Oct 13, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2014 by daveychu
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to model a process where users receive a mail after which they need to verify that they read it. If they haven't verified after a certain period, another mail should be send. This should continue indefinitely until either all users have verified the mail or someone overrides the process.

The following schema shows how I modeled the happy flow where users always immediately verify upon receiving the mail.

The sub-process is called for each e-mail in a collection of e-mails that is set on the process context when starting the process. The "Send mail" ServiceTask sends an e-mail to someone with the execution ID in the message body. (DelegateExecution.getId()) Using the console, I enter the number and call RuntimeService.signal(id) where id is the number I just received from the mail. Once I do this for all e-mails, the process continues as expected and "Hello World" is printed to the console.

Next, I try to send an e-mail every n-period while no signal has been received.

When I run this process, I will indeed get an e-mail every n-period. However, when I now signal the execution ID I get the exception as shown in the image.

Is this the right way to model what I'm trying to achieve? If so, how can I resolve this issue? If not, how would you recommend these requirements to be modeled?

Thank you very much,