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Custom form components

Question asked by edufrazao on Oct 20, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2014 by edufrazao
Hi folks. I'm new to Activiti and, with BPMN itself.
I'm working on a project that is intended to deploy process more dinamically as possible.

To do that, I'm working on a Form Generator, to build more complex form components automatically. We will use a generic persistence model. I'm even thinking in store form data using Activiti.

I will need to build components like ComboBox'es, for example, that will be filled with database information. (And another more complex types).

I've seen that BPMN xml allows extension, and Activiti uses it to declare form fields on tasks. My question is: Can I add my custom extension tags? The EclipseEditor will overwrite in any moment? Is that the best approach to reach this result?