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Resume task ability in Activiti

Question asked by ymichael on Oct 20, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2014 by smirzai

I am new to Activiti.
I am working on a project which try to find a new, industrial standard workflow engine to replace its old, self-developed workflow engine.

I have some questions on the resume ability of Activiti.
For example, there is a workflow like below:
START -> Info Processing -> Generate Reports -> Deliver Reports to Client by MQ -> End

If there is exception on "Deliver Reports to Client by MQ" task (e.g. MQ timeout) and I don't want to execute all the steps again, could I resume the workflow from "Deliver Reports to Client by MQ" manually in Activiti?
If Activiti can resume the workflow manually, would you mind to share me technical reference on that ?

Thank you for your help.