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graphicalNotationDefined is always false - REST 5.16.4

Question asked by balsarori on Oct 24, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2014 by balsarori
The implementation of Activiti REST 5.16.4 always returns false for graphicalNotationDefined when getting process definition lists (the graphicalNotationDefined value is correct when fetching a single process definition). Unless the ProcessDefinitionEntity was fetched using repositoryService.getProcessDefinition() method (in previous version 5.16.3, each process definition in the list was re-fetched to get the correct value of graphicalNotationDefined), isGraphicalNotationDefined property will be false since its not persistent.

I think that isGraphicalNotationDefined should be persistent, additionally, isGraphicalNotationDefined() method should be exposed to the ProcessDefinition interface of the API. If you agree with me, I'll make the modifications and submit a pull request for this.