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User Task where is it?

Question asked by esseti on Oct 31, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by martin.grofcik
Hello all.
(i thought i posted something but indeed i didn't).
i've copied the first example

  <process id="financialReport" name="Monthly financial report reminder process" isExecutable="true">
    <startEvent id="theStart"></startEvent>
    <sequenceFlow id="flow1" sourceRef="theStart" targetRef="writeReportTask"></sequenceFlow>
    <userTask id="writeReportTask" name="Write monthly financial report" activiti:candidateUsers="kermit">
      <documentation>Write monthly financial report for publication to shareholders.</documentation>
    <sequenceFlow id="flow2" sourceRef="writeReportTask" targetRef="verifyReportTask"></sequenceFlow>
    <userTask id="verifyReportTask" name="Verify monthly financial report" activiti:candidateGroups="management">
      <documentation>Verify monthly financial report composed by the accountancy department.
              This financial report is going to be sent to all the company shareholders.</documentation>
    <sequenceFlow id="flow3" sourceRef="verifyReportTask" targetRef="theEnd"></sequenceFlow>
    <endEvent id="theEnd"></endEvent>

i deployed it, it has a task pending, but i don't see it.

where's the problem?