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help, activiti5.16.4, where is the config file?  activiti-standalone-context.xml has no effect

Question asked by dalong on Nov 3, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2014 by dalong
before 5.16.3 and 5.16.3,   i have config java bean in WEB-INF/activiti-standalone-context.xml.
but when i upgrade to 5.16.4, I found there is no activiti-standalone-context.xml in activiti-explorer.  i create one, and replace it with previous file, but it's no effect.

actually i have found some configuration changed yet. 
For example WEB-INF/classes/ instead of generateReportData in activiti-standalone-context.xml.
now, how can i config a java bean ? 

  <bean class="" id="jsonrpc">
    <property value="" name="baseUrl"/>

thank you!