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Workflow entry found in ‘ACT_RE_PROCDEF’ but not in ‘ACT_RE_DEPLOYMENT’ table

Question asked by on Nov 1, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2014 by jbarrez

We are using activiti 5.13. Recently, we came across a scenario where while deleting a workflow we got exception saying - “could not find a deployment”. When we investigated it, we found that there is an entry in ‘ACT_RE_PROCDEF’ table for given workflow, but corresponding record does not exist in ‘ACT_RE_DEPLOYMENT’ table workflow.

Our understanding is whenever we deploy workflow; activiti maintains the record in 'ACT_RE_PROCDEF' and 'ACT_RE_DEPLOYMENT' table. At the time of workflow delete operation Activiti engine deletes the process definition from ACT_RE_PROCDEF table and then its deployment record from ACT_RE_DEPLOYMENT table.

We have hundreds of workflows in system which has entry in ‘ACT_RE_PROCDEF’ but not in ‘ACT_RE_DEPLOYMENT’ table.
Does anyone come across this scenario? Or give us pointer in which activiti will keep the record in ‘ACT_RE_PROCDEF’ but not in ‘ACT_RE_DEPLOYMENT’ table ?

Thanks in advance
Sandeep K