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Explorer Email server config (again)

Question asked by malarcy on Nov 4, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2014 by malarcy
Hi - new to Activiti, but I think I have searched and looked for appropriate responses to this question.

Running some simple "get to know it" processes in Explorer - and I want to configure the email server.

Docs suggest its in the activiti.cfg.xml file, google hits post that say "for explorer its a spring config and its in WEB-INF\activti-standalone-context.xml"

I have a newly installed 5.16.4 setup - and there is no such file in the deployed area (or the original WAR file) - the only reference I can find to the bean that needs config is in some of the class files.

Please advise howto configure email server in explorer - happy to believe I missed something - but the WEB_INF folder (nor anything below it) contains the mentioned file.

Help appreciated.