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Cancel vacation request

Question asked by mikuc on Nov 5, 2014
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by edgarjoao
I am designing a process for approving and cancelling vacation in a company.
The initiator will fill a form with date and place, after that the service task finds his supervisor and assign it to him. Then he decide to approve or reject the request, after it there are some notifications and the vacation is recorded to his personal calendar.
The same process is for cancellation of the vacation. If it is approved, then you can run a request to cancel the vacation.

But there is a situation, when an employee submit a vacation request, after that the request is pending at his supervisor and he is away or something. At the time the employee decide that he wants to cancel the vacation, but the task is still at his supervisor(so the vacation wasnt approved or rejected).
Is there any option to handle this and how? By some boundary or intermediate event?

here is the pic:

Please help